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The Haute House University provides a fresh & contemporary approach to teaching business for the ever-changing world of the fashion industry. Our mentor-tutors are industry professionals & academics. Their combination of industry experience and know-how is makes HHU special. We want you to succeed!

Launching any start-up is no easy feat. Many fashion graduates, fashion management grafuates and aspiring designers and managers don't realize that launching a new fashion-related business is as challenging as launching a new tech start-up.

We're here to guide you and empower you to launch a strong start-up business...or help you to strengthen and grow an exiting young business.

What makes HHU even more special? Our mentors can continue to guide you and your business after the successful completion of the course - by arrangement, of course. :)

Welcome to the business of fashion
strategic & creative thinking: building a solid foundation for your fashion business and career
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between creativity & business knowledge
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Our curriculum includes study modules in finance, marketing, branding & more.
A few words about who we are & what we do...

The HHU partners with leading accredited university fashion design courses. We have developed a range of fashion business management modules to supplement the stellar design courses offered by our university partners.

Your fashion degree course focuses on the key processes of turning design sketches into 3D garments. We focus on teaching business management and planning, business finance, networking, branding and marketing with a strict focus on the fashion industry.

Our modules can be delivered on-campus, online or through a mixture of the two (blended learning). It all depends on the agreement struck with each university partner.

We welcome direct applications to our program from fashion degree graduates, aspiring fashion designers, accessories designers, textile designers and fashion managers.

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For recent fashion degree, textile and fashion management graduates
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We have a series of intensive, practical short online fashion business courses for recent graduates. You will learn fashion-focused business management and planning, business finance, networking, branding and marketing.This option also includes a competitively priced mentoring program to support you after the completion of the series of online courses.

We teach you the same skills as we teach current fashion design students. As graduates, you have different learning needs and requirements than currently enrolled fashion design students - and our short courses reflect this.

For aspiring fashion designers, textile designers and fashion managers
image showing aspiring fashion designers

We have created a series of short, intensive online workshops specifically for aspiring fashion designers who have never studied fashion at university.

You will learn business management and planning, business finance, networking, branding and marketing. This option also includes a competitively priced mentoring program to support you and your business after the completion of the series of online workshops.

Our modules cover all thing fashion business related: from laying the foundation in planning a success start-up to all aspects of marketing & branding to creating a viable business strategy…and everything in between.

Not just for apparel designers

This course will help you in attaining your goals in the following areas in the fashion industry:

  1. Brand management
  2. Career as an assistant designer/designer
  3. Developing your own brand
  4. Working with a design team or as a freelancer
  5. Working as a production manager
  6. Retail and merchandising
  7. Fashion buyer
  8. Forecasting (fashion, apparel, accessories & textiles)
  9. Marketing communications, PR and digital media
  10. Styling, creative direction or visual merchandising
  11. Opportunities in fashion-related journalism or publishing
For more information...

To discover more about the Haute House University, and what we can do help you realize the career of your dreams, we invite you to visit our About The Haute House University page by clicking the THH University link in the main navigation menu at the top of the page. 

Modules &

  • Industry-focused
  • Industry Best Practice
  • Blending contemporary & traditional business practices

Our modules and workshops were created to appeal to entrepreneurial students pursuing careers in fashion-related businesses. Entrepreneurship, leadership, industry networking and production management are also core to the program.

Flexibile &

  • Flexible Delivery
  • Seamless Integration
  • Led & taught by industry professionals

If you're the head of a fashion degree program, our modules can be delivered on-campus on online. Our online study option is an 'anywhere, anytime' learning experience.

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Want to find out more about the course? Worried about studying online? We'd love to hear from you. Use our Contact Us form to arrange a telephone call. Our Spring 2016 Cohort starts March 2016
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Understanding Your Fashion Audience's DNA

Creating Customer Journey maps for fashion-related business. Our free ebook outlines how to improve your brand's relationship and engagement with its audience.
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