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The Haute House University provides a fresh & contemporary approach to teaching business for the ever-changing world of the fashion industry. Our mentor-tutors are industry professionals & academics. Their combination of industry experience and know-how is makes HHU special. We want you to succeed!

Launching any start-up is no easy feat. Many fashion graduates, fashion management grafuates and aspiring designers and managers don't realize that launching a new fashion-related business is as challenging as launching a new tech start-up.

We're here to guide you and empower you to launch a strong start-up business...or help you to strengthen and grow an exiting young business.

What makes HHU even more special? Our mentors can continue to guide you and your business after the successful completion of the course - by arrangement, of course. :)

We want your students to succeed
strategic & creative thinking: building a solid foundation for your fashion business and career
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between creativity & business knowledge
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Our curriculum includes study modules in finance, marketing, branding & more.
Adding value to your fashion degree program
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Easy & seamless integration into your curriculum

You can choose between using our 100% online learning platform that hosts streaming video lessons, valuable supplementary materials and online formative and summative assessments. We have built a learning platform that engages. 12 weeks in duration , the program is intensive without being overwhelming.

Or you can choose our blended learning option where our mentors deliver learning on campus as well as online.

Or you choose to have our short courses and workshops delivered entirely on campus.

Whatever the option, each module comes with its own Rubrik and guidance for learners.

Whatever the option you choose, students are supported by the platform and staff in order to move forward to get results. p>

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Mix & match learning modules to your program's requirements

You can choose from a host of learning modules: from blogging to social media marketing, from start-up financing to industry networking.

A Partnership Where each Partners Does What They Do Best

We maintain and deliver the materials within the subject matter that we teach. You focus on teaching.

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Our Mentors Are Top Professionals in Their Respective Fields - with Proven Higher Ed Teaching Experience.

The Haute House University provides academically structured courses designed to fit your semester or quarterly format, with regular formative and summative assignments and assessments, study guides, progress quizzes, a final exam or assessment project, and optional supplemental materials.

Founded on experience

A few years after founding The Haute House Design Studio, founder Taneshia Camillo-Sheffey realised that the recent fashion graduates she worked lacked fundamental business skills. Business strategy, industry research, business financials, marketing, branding and networking - these were some of the skills she has provided to the fashion designers she has discovered and nurtured through The Haute House Design Studio.

A set of recurring business and working patterns and problems, as well as common questions among her designer talent, highlighted a basic need for these skills to be taught. She researched the market and came to the conclusion that a program like HHU was needed in order to tackle fundamental business problems faced by graduate fashion design students. This is the path that we teach; enabling more fashion design students to benefit from the program’s knowledge before they graduate.

The inclusion of an integrated marketing mix module, created and led by Program Leader Alex di Savoia, was a module that made Falmouth University’s BA(Hons) Fashion Design and BA(Hons) Performance Sportswear degrees distinctive and different from other UK fashion courses.

Alex always smiles when he says the high point in his teaching such creative and budding designer talent was that ‘lightbulb moment’ when fashion students simply ‘got it’. And the pride he felt when the most accomplished among them not only ‘got it’…but ran with what they were taught.

'My best memories will always be seeing the best and brightest students flourish. It was literally like seeing students go from zero to 120 kilometres per hour in about 6 weeks. My students had zero knowledge of things like branding, ‘voice’ or value propositions. Listening to them discussing – and challenging – things like brand congruence, marketing channels, sales funnels and distinctive difference at professional level was an incredible experience'.

A combination of factors helped these students to achieve. Creative and technical skills were absolutely crucial factors for success. A tight knit academic team and understanding business fundamentals were the final pieces that enabled the most successful students stand out in an intensely competitive industry.

An industry-informed & peer-reviewed curriculum

Build your course around our structured curriculum, which includes: constantly updated web-based reading, lessons, supplemental learning materials, critical thinking based assignments, tutorials, formative assessments and summative assessments.

  • Students will have access to web-based multi-media learning materials and reading
  • THHU Mentors teach course material around structured lessons
  • An experienced, dedicated Course Leader who oversees both students and tutors. Our Course Leader is the first port of call for general academic questions, technical problems, pedagogic approaches, responsibility for the quality and enhancement of the students’ learning experiences, etc.
  • Students study online video lessons, workbooks, exercises, quizzes
  • Instructors discuss modules in class or online
  • Instructors evaluate student progress with online tools
  • Students graduate certified and prepared for a competitive industry
An overview of our modules...
fashion biz mgmt

Fashion Business

  • The fashion start-up
  • Business basics
  • Business Planning and Strategy
  • Bookkeeping tools
  • Legal Structure
  • Taxes


  • An Introduction to Branding
  • An Introduction to Copywriting
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • An Introduction to Blogging
  • Website Best Practice (Including the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
fashion industry

Fashion industry

  • Networking
  • Fashion production
  • Styling
  • Event Production
  • Manufacturing
  • Personal Etiquette
  • Conscious design
  • The importance of a Look Book & quality photography

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